‘When I make an album, I make a number of artworks that go with it.’ 

With her art school background it is no surprise that M.I.A’s creativity evades easy classification. Although she maybe better know for dropping hits like Paper Planes she has continued her practice as a visual artist alongside her music career, her unmistakable collage style pieces run riot over the album sleeves of her three albums.

Mixing exoticism and digital motifs with a touch of tackiness M.I.A’s artworks are commentaries on the world around her and the issues she explores in her music. Next week she releases a book of artworks and self-penned essays giving her fans an insight into her creative process and work.

Heres a little preview of some of the pages, or for a flick through with the lady herself check out this video:


Text by Eve Dawoud.

M.I.A is published by Rizzoli and is released in the UK on 15/11/2012, £19.95.