Translating something that lives online onto the physical page is no easy task but new book Style Feed: The World’s Best Fashion Blogs, definitely makes it work.Amongst the first titles to be published on the subject of fashion blogging and it certainly sets a high standard to those hoping to follow in its footsteps. Its strength is its broad scope; the 40 blogs featured range from personal style diaries (Style Rookie) to magazine blogs (Industrie). For co-authors William Oliver and Susie Bubble it was essential that each blog profiled had ‘a strong and distinctive identity.’

 And the book succeeds in celebrating the unique point of view of each blogger it features. Making this far more than an collection of inspirational pictures, though there are many of those to be found across its 300 pages, but rather a timely and insightful survey of the current fashion blogosphere, which to quote Susie, ‘has become a force to be reckoned with.’ We have picked our favourite three blogs from the book below:


“I like modernism, minimalism and clean lines set against elements of style associated with youth subcultures.”





Disney Roller Girl

“I have always kept scrapbooks and diaries so I liked the idea of blogging being a bit rough and ready like a fanzine.” 

Fred Butler Style

“I wanted to expose all the emerging talent surrounding me and spread that privileged information.”


Style Feed: The World’s Best Fashion Blogs, by William Oliver, selected by Susie Bubble, (Prestel Publishing, £16.99) is available exclusively at Urban Outfitters until 31st October and then from all good bookstores.

Text by Eve Dawoud.